I 'm sure there are so many people out there who deserve thanks, because this project would not exist if they hadn't spend so many time in making a contribution to the Open Source community, that I would gathering information until next year, if I would only try to find out the name of these persons. So a really huge thanks to all of you.

Regarding this very project there are mainly two projects who deserve a special thanks:

  • First of all there is the mplayer project, which is the reason for developing this graphical frontend.
  • And second there is the GTK+ library. Without these library the nice GUI wouldn't be possible.
  • Last but not least The Glade GTK Design Studio. This program is a graphical frontend for the design of GTK applications and made it much easier to develop movieconvert.
So thanks to all these projects!!

If you read this and have the feeling I forgot to mention your project. Don't be angry, its not because I wanted to ignore your work, it's beause I am a stupid idiot, who doesn't remeber the import thinks sometimes. Please inform me of my error and I will do my very best to mention you on this page.